For the last couple of days, my FB, Twitter timelines and every news feed is flooded with various articles, people’s messages and thoughts about the sad and untimely demise of Linkin Park ‘s Chester Bennington on the birthday of Chris Cornell.

Both Chris and Chester’s music helped many of us get through our teens , amidst all our angst, growing up , rebellious days of our lives and years later during re-unions when we’d sit around reminiscing the good old days – and for this I’m grateful.

Posts, with Chester’s song’s lyrics turned into beautiful obituaries , old videos and all of that – was beautiful…

What’s important though and what we need to actually think about (beside remembrance) is their Mental Health, their state of mind which led them to take so drastic a path, the Road Untravelled .

Taking a life is in itself life altering – something almost all of us would not be able to fathom. Accounts from Soldiers, Snipers, UAV Drone Pilots, (documented or otherwise) describing their state of mind, what they are feeling, going through, PTSD, mental and trauma – it’s beyond the scope of understanding of most of us.

Imagine the state of mind which leads a person to end his/her own life!

Ever wonder what they were going through, their thoughts , the trauma (emotional, physical , mental ) – what was it that pushed them to the brink – to the very end – to so unfathomable an act?

I’m sorry if this seems to be just another rant from another fan … What’s saddening to see is that none of the posts are (let alone giving a shit ) not even talking about Mental Health.

We’re living in times where we’ve got kids shooting up other kids in schools, teenagers getting hooked on alcohol and drugs , wanting to live the High life, the young ending their lives.

The hard truth is Mental Health is a serious issue and we need to be talking more about it.

Lord knows what could tick off a person, the smallest of things could act as a trigger, push a person overboard into doing something drastic.

If a friend opens up to you about something that’s bothering him- don’t dismiss the talk and call him a pussy or any derogatory term !

Make it a point to speak to your family and friends, especially your loved ones , family members – speak up and let them speak .

Organizations too need to work towards Mental health of employees ! In this day and age of machines and automation, with technology designed to take over our jobs and render us humans, our work, our means of livelihood irrelevant , making us replaceable. Ever so frequently we hear about folks ending their lives due to the stress of the job, loss of a job, failing relationships and much more.

None of us can control what’s in our fate, what’s written in our destiny, but what we can do is listen, open up and be there for each other.

Sometimes it’s as simple as just asking “Are you OK ” –

Weep not for roads untraveled
Weep not for sights unseen
And if you need a friend
There’s a seat here alongside me!