A conversation snippet between a Hubby & his Wifey…

WIFE: Wht wud u do if I died? Wud u gt married again?
H: N0
W: Y nt? Don’t u like bng married?
H: Of course I do.
W: Thn Y wudn’t u remarry?
H: Ok, ok, I’d gt married again.
W: You wud?
H: ..?
W: Wud u live in our house
H: Yes its a gr8 house.
W: Wud u sleep wid her in our bed?
H:Were else wud v sleep?
W:Wud u let her drive my car?
H: Yes its almost new
W: Wud u replace my pictures?
H: dat wud seem like the proper thng 2 do
W: Wud u giv her my jewelry?
H: No Im sure shed wnt her own
W: Wud she wear my shoes
H: No her size is 6
W: –silence-
H: ‘shit’.

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